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Callebaut Chocolate Recipe by Callebaut Qatar

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

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Callebaut Chocolate Nougat Recipe.

Step 1

Ingredients - 305 g honey

Preparation - Heat up to 120°C.

Step 2

Ingredients - 60 g egg white, 14 g sugar and 1 g salt

Preparation - Whisk together and pour boiling honey over it.

Step 3

Ingredients - 380 g sugar, 155 g water and 67 g glucose

Preparation - Mix and heat up to 150°C. Pour over previous mixture.

Step 4

Ingredients - 200 g cocoa by Callebaut Qatar

Preparation - Melt at 40°C and add to previous mixture.

Step 5

Ingredients - 105 g powdered sugar 360 g mixed nuts

Preparation - Add powdered sugar to previous mixture and incorporate the nuts.

Step 6

Ingredients - Chopped Cashew and Callebaut Belgian Dark Chocolate

Preparation – Temper the dark chocolate - available at callebaut qatar, mix the chopped cashew and dip the nougat balls in it.

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